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Bondix S.A.NE: How-To

You want 100% uptime with Bondix? This is how you get it:

1.activation: Apply for access with us. We will activate a test license for you

2. download: Select your model type and download the appropriate software module for your device.

3. instructions: Install and configure the software according to the step-by-step instructions.

Download Area

Here you can find the overview of all suitable devices with direct download link to the software. If your model is not included, please contact us.

Advantech v2: LR77 (all devices)
Advantech v2i: ICR-2834, ICR-2734, ICR-2431, ICR-2531
Advantech v3: SmartStart, SmartFlex, SmartMotion, ICR-3231 (all devices)
Advantech v4: ICR-4401, ICR-4434, ICR-4453


End User License Agreement

By downloading/installing/using Bondix S.A.NE you accept the license agreement that governs the software usage.
EULA - End User License Agreement Bondix S.A.NE

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